GNC UFSD Windows Phone Setup Guide

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GNC-UFSD's Electronic Communications Policy

Before you begin:
Email Sync – District Provided Devices and Personal Devices
***Backup Mobile Devices BEFORE connecting them to the GNC E-Mail System***

Authorized users may use GNCUFSD provided equipment and personal equipment such as cell phones, tablets and other Information Technology equipment to access email. In doing so, users acknowledge that the GNCUFSD has setup security measures to be proactive in protecting confidential and proprietary information from being exposed. District provided and personal equipment connected to the GNCUFSD email system will automatically inherit the security standards of the GNCUFSD systems:

  1. Company and personal cell phones, tablets and mobile devices will require a minimum of a 4 character (alpha or numeric) pin code.
  2. In the event the pin code is lost or forgotten, the device can only be wiped. The GNCUFSD system cannot recover or reset pin codes.
  3. District provided or personal mobile devices connected to the GNCUFSD systems that are lost or stolen must be immediately reported to the CIO or Central Office. The GNCUSD system can initiate a remote wipe of the device to protect confidential and proprietary data.

GNCUFSD does not accept any responsibility or liability for any data that is lost in connecting a mobile device (cellphone, tablet or etc.) to the GNCUFSD Information Technology Systems. Before connecting a mobile device to the GNCUFSD Systems, it is the responsibility of the user to understand the compliance standards. To mitigate data loss, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that users BACKUP their data periodically on their mobile devices.

Step 1: Slide Up To Unlock
Step 2: Press Settings
Step 3: Scroll Down and Press
Step 4: Press “add an account”
Step 5: Press “Outlook"
Step 6: Enter Your Account Information
Then Press "sign in"
Step 7: Please uncheck "Download Lync from the Store" and Press "done"
Step 9: Within a few seconds you will be
Prompted to Create a new password
Click “set”
Step 10: Please enter a at least a 4 digit Password and confirm the password
Then Click “done”
Step 11: The Account has now been added to your phone.